Product warranty for 1 year (12 months) from the date of purchase. Along with showing proof of purchase, tax invoice stating the details of the product and purchase date clearly in order to request service in the warranty period including

  1. Only products imported and serviced by ASH or an ASH authorized service provider are only guaranteed and ASH will provide check / repair / replacement services at ASH’s sole discretion with free of charge for check / repair / replacement for the defective products within the above warranty period.
  2. Products that are defective due to inner parts or electrical components within the product that have problems from manufacturing or from normal use as specified in the quick start guide, technical specification and legal & safety manual attached in the product box.
  3. The warranty will automatically start from the date of purchase even if the product may not be used. Including products that are replaced during the warranty period, the warranty period will still be counted according to the first product purchased.
  4. The product doesn’t have an international warranty. And it is governed by and construed only in accordance with the laws of the country of purchase.
  5. The product does not provide home service. Except the customer agrees to pay a traveling fee at the rate set by ASH and is still in effect even if the product is still within the warranty period. In the event that the customer sends the repair product, the customer is responsible for the delivery cost to send the product to ASH, and ASH will be responsible for the delivery cost to return the product.

Conditions not covered by the warranty

  1. Defects caused by misuse, use of product in incorrect specification, short-circuit inside the product caused by a short-circuit or abnormal external voltage as specified in the quick start guide, technical specification and legal & safety manual and including caused by insects or animals entering the product.
  2. Damage caused by broken, damaged, tear, deform, scratch, pale, etc. of outer and cosmetic parts which is caused by accident, fall, drop, impact, compression by intentional or unintentional acts.
  3. Products that have been disassembled, repaired, replaced, modified by anyone other than ASH or authorized by ASH.
  4. Damage arising from transportation or storage of the product in unsuitable condition according to the product specification.
  5. Damage caused by force majeure or uncontrollable external factors. Including but not limited to flood, lightning, heat, fire, abnormal voltage, earthquake, etc. caused by all natural disasters.
  6. Damage arising from corrosion, wear and tear, rust, deterioration caused by sea vapor, water, liquid, air, sunlight or chemical pollution. And including others that occur and change according to their service life.
  7. Damage, modification or loss of the serial number label attached to the product that cannot be identified as an importer of ASH